MINT™ PDO Threads

MINT™ PDO Threads

As we age, our skin quality declines. The skin tends to lose its elasticity over time, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, jowls, sagging skin, and more. Getting a facelift can tighten your skin and make you look younger, but it is not always easy, and you may not have the time to recover for a long time.
MINT™ PDO Thread Lifts are an alternative to traditional facelifts. By restoring the face’s youthful appearance without surgery, incisions, or downtime, they reduce the visible signs of aging. Using PDO thread lifts, your facial features are softer than with dermal fillers, without surgery complications.
Benefits of a MINT™ PDO Thread Lift:
  • Minimally invasive & non-surgical
  • No incisions or scars
  • Natural-looking results
  • No downtime
  • Long-lasting results
  • Promotes natural collagen formation
  • Complications are minimal
  • May be repeated if needed
  • Lifts & tightens skin tissues
  • Perfect for softening facial features
MINT™ PDO Thread Lifts are just one of the many cosmetic treatments that Angel Aesthetics MedSpa in Orlando, FL, offers. For more information about MINT™ PDO Threads or to schedule an appointment, feel free to call or text us at 407-405-6074. You may also conveniently book your appointment online.


The MINT™ PDO thread lift is a procedure that subtly lifts your facial features to reduce the signs of aging. 

Patients 30-50 years old who would like to reverse aging signs without surgery, such as wrinkles and sagging skin.  

As a result of the direct suspension of the threads, the MINT™ PDO thread lift provides immediate results. As the threads dissolve in the body and you produce more collagen, your results may continue to improve for a few weeks. The overall results are expected to last up to one year.

There is downtime required after a MINT™ PDO thread lift. You should be able to return back to work the next day.

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