Fotona Dynamis Pro

Fotona Dynamis Pro

In the skincare industry, lasers are one of the most valuable tools used for many years. The laser’s ability to perform a wide range of aesthetic treatments has made them a mainstream technology. Laser therapy is widely used to treat various conditions, such as wrinkles, acne, sun damage, vascular lesions, warts, snoring, and incontinence.

With the Fotona Dynamis Pro, you can receive customized treatment for a variety of cosmetic and medical conditions with the latest technology, dual laser wavelengths, and multiple handpieces. Aesthetics MedSpa helps patients achieve their aesthetic goals and improve their quality of life, all with one treatment device. The device is extremely versatile, and the treatments are safe and effective.

Common Treatments With The Fotona Dynamis Pro Include:

● Acne & Acne Scar Revision
● ClearSteps Laser Onychomycosis Treatment
● NightLase Snoring & Apnea Treatment
● Permanent Hair Reduction
● Scar Revision
● TightSculpting™ Body Contouring Treatment
● Vascular Lesions
● Women’s Health Treatments

Laser Therapy with Fotona Dynamis Pro is just one of the many treatments that Angel Aesthetics MedSpa in Orlando, FL, offers. For more information about what Laser Therapy can do for you or to schedule an appointment, call us or text us at 407-405-6074. You may also conveniently book your appointment online.






Laser Hair Removal

Veins And Vascular Lesions


The Dynamis system from Fontana allows a wide range of aesthetic treatments to be performed. 

Since the Fotona Dynamis Pro treats a wide variety of conditions, we encourage you to book a consultation with us to determine if you are a good candidate for laser therapy.

Some results are immediately noticed for most patients, depending on the reason and area of the laser treatment. Results will vary depending on the treatment area and the patient.

Your recovery time and downtime will depend on the reason you are undergoing laser treatment. These treatments typically last a long time, and recovery times are shorter than those associated with traditional surgical procedures.

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